Living Your Vibrational Potential

Thu. Apr. 9, 2015

Melissa Boydx250pxWe are all energetic beings with divine potential.  Once you sink into the knowing that you are connected to the earth and all living beings you tap into a source of oneness that allows you to move into your highest vibrational potential.  As a Vibrational Intuitive Medium and Business Strategist, Melissa will talk about her journey on her intuitive path and provide insights and tools for you to embrace yours!

She will be taking callers and Facebook questions during the show and offer a handful of giveaways for listeners. Melissa channels your loved ones who have crossed over into the spirit world and offers insights on life path issues.

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From Self Loathing to Self Loving Part 1

Apr. 7, 2015

From Self Loathing to Self Loving begins a new series on Pandora’s Box where I explore this very important topic of how we stop treating ourselves poorly and begin to really love ourselves. It is easy to say “I need to love myself more” but self love is a very complex process. We must learn how to effectively confront the old “self loathing” programs and clear out core limiting beliefs, toxic emotions and addictions that keep us in the cycle of self abuse.

Those caught up in the cycle of narcissistic abuse will really find value in this series because the more you clear out the old “self abuse” programs and begin truly loving yourself you will no longer tolerate abusive behavior from others. There is no better way to leave behind toxic patterns then to truly embrace self love.

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Raising Spiritual Consciousness – Mon. Apr. 6, 2015

Raising Spiritual ConsciousnessTune in this week as Lisa Jones and I discuss how many of us have lost contact with our inner self, and in many ways are going in circles for its recovery.  Raising your spiritual consciousness means you can embrace your soul’s intent in its full capacity. Staying in those moments of exploration, more and more each time, you begin to restore your gifts and uniqueness. Imagine, if you learn to raise your consciousness you get to live beyond the veil of the personal ego. This show is about rising above the pain and suffering of false limitations and becoming your best self.

If you no longer want to live on automatic pilot, you might not know this but you’re subtly raising your consciousness. How? Because this means you want to stop the madness in your life, at least for a moment, to explore finding another more AUTHENTIC you.

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Take an Adventure to Your Heart in Sedona

Mon. Apr. 2, 2015

Have you felt that there just has to be something more to this life than what you are doing day to day? Are you seeking and not finding answers or a sense of oneness?  Would you know if you found the source of life for you or would you deny the experience for lack of confidence or trust? When can you take your intuition on the great roller coaster and just trust that all will unfold?

My guest today is Rebecca Tinkle, author of “The Secret of Mago Castle” which is a story of love and enlightenment. Rebecca has noticed the earth eminates the life energy that just fills you up and Sedona is the place where spiritual revelations can surpass all the senses. The story is an unforgettable adventure of the heart and all the chances for experiences being presented are truly to be noticed by the spirit.

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Finding True Love

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March 24th, 2015

There is so much information out there on what it means to find true love.  Is finding true love about finding our soul mate?  Is it to find that person we can join our lives with and live happily ever after?  Or is finding true love more about finding out how to be true to yourself, and love yourself in a way you never have before?

In this episode of Pandora’s Box Kaleah will tell the truth about Finding True Love.

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Sedona International Film Festival 2015 Feb 21-Mar.1

February 2015

At the Movies with Joanna

For the first time, the Festival will open with a thrilling concert by The Larry Dunn Anthology Of Earth Wind & Fire on Friday, February 20 at 7 p.m. at the Sedona Performing Arts Center. “Larry Dunn was the group’s musical director and former keyboard mastermind who wrote, produced and arranged many of the band’s legendary hits from 1972 to 1983 and performed on them all. Last year, he performed, produced and arranged three songs on Earth Wind & Fire’s latest album, “Now, Then & Forever”.”

Orson WellesThe Festival will also offer more than 160 films—features, shorts, documentaries, animation, foreign and student films—plus personal appearances by Ed Asner, Mark Rydell, Jane Seymour, John Waters, and Chris Lemmon who will discuss his father, Jack Lemmon. Richard Dreyfuss will be honored, and the festival will pay a tribute—the first festival tribute to Orson Welles on his 100th birthday.

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