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Into The White Light: The Revelations of Archangel Michael -- and the Introduction of STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY(R),  - an interview with Kelly Hampton

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Kelly’s book is in the running for a publishing contract with Hampton Roads.
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Round one ends May 3rd with all votes needing to be in. Winner advances to round 2 with final winner receiving a Hampton Roads publishing contract.

All who vote for Kelly's book by May 3rd will receive the free ebook version. Register on site, listen to her website ( )  audio then enter 2762. Then email Kelly to receive your free ebook. At:

Listen in to this fascinating interview with Kelly Hampton. Her story of transformation and enlightenment, including channeling Archangel Michael for her book, Into the Light, AND the following instructions from Archangel Michael to deliver a new healing modality to the world -- STAR HEALING INTERGALACTIC ENERGY , is mind expanding. Really! This extraordinary new (to her) modality was channeled to her in early 2010 from Archangel Michael, and she now teaches in private and group sessions.

Kelly HamptomKelly is the proof positive that when a person lets go of the fears of what they believed to be true about who they think they are and instead, accepts who they are meant to be—miracles happen. And this is Kelly’s case.

“Rich, fascinating, puzzling at times, on almost every page of "Into the White Light" there was something that expanded or deepened my sense of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, sometimes vastly, other times, less drastically but in unexpected directions. Unpredictable, original, and moving, this is NOT just another book on psychic/spiritual stuff. Eternally timeless yet immediate and personal, it contains some sobering, and many very hopeful and beautiful, Words, much love, and some unique and holy prayers. Life-changing if read with an open mind and heart!” ----Barbara L.

Kelly Hampton is a compassionate spiritual counselor and second-generation metaphysician who works with the angelic and ascended-master realms helping people all over the world regardless of their faith or culture. Because of the high level of accuracy and detail contained in her spiritual consultations, Kelly Hampton is one of the most after international advisors and speakers. She is a gifted medium, successful author and master facilitator.

Kelly’s first experience as a medium occurred near the age of 21 when she communicated with her beloved mother who had crossed over when Kelly was 14. Since that time, Kelly continued to expand her knowledge of healing and spiritual beliefs. During her thirties her psychic gifts dramatically expanded. It was as this time that she began her professional practice.

She lectures and gives workshops on spiritual issues including the shifting energies of 2010-2012 as described by Archangel Michael. She is also a contributing writer to holistic and spiritual publications as well as having been a featured radio guest speaker on many blogtalk radio stations. She is also at work on the second of three books, which were promised to her by the angel. The next book, Angel should be released this fall.

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Kelly HamptomKelly Hampton lives in St. Louis with her family. Kelly has lectured extensively on spiritual topics related to her book. As an energy teacher, medium and gifted intuitive counselor she continually shares her knowledge to help others learn the messages from the angelic and ascended masters realm with love and compassion.
To arrange an interview with Kelly Hampton about Into the White Light, contact the author at or Linda, her assistant at

If you’re beginning a deeper spiritual path—or are just feeling that urge that there is something more within you asking to be acknowledged—something greater…listen in to this interview. The energy of the Archangel Michael is front and center!