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Giving You The Wow and The How: 44 Tips from the Millionaire Manicurist that Will Change Your Life Now - an interview with Sharmen Lane

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing

Author’s Website:

Giving You The Wow by Sharmen LaneListen in to this interview on the “Wow and the How” and you’ll hear about what can happen when you decide to change your life---or any part of it. When you listen to this author’s story—there will be no more excuses. Instead, you'll get answers, inspiration and guidance

Sharmen Lane has gone from manicurist to millionaire; from high school drop out-- to a college degree and everything in between. She’s walked the walk and done the work.

Her life path began in a highly dysfunctional family environment, common to so many people now. And although her story of going from high school dropout to becoming a manicurist at age 17—and eventually achieving self-made millionaire status sounds more like a Hollywood fairy tale ---it’s not. Really! It’s possible and Sharmen Lane has proven it as she describes in her compelling new book, GIVING YOU THE WOW AND THE HOW.

She made the transformation happen following very simple principles of her own design and drawn from her personal life experiences. The result is a stimulating “fix-it” chronicle that gives readers the tools to “get from where you are to where you want to be.”

The 44 tips in her book will show you how she did it—and how you can too. It's real, it's simple, it works!


“Sharmen Lane has an energy and a message that is powerful for anyone. Her book is insightful and inspiring and empowers us all to make the life we want, happen.”

----- Ethan Willis, CEO, Prosper, Inc.

“Sharmen Lane is passionate about passion…her new book….really does give her readers the WOW and the HOW and what’s better than that?”

----- Jillian Quinn, Best-selling author

Sharmen LaneAbout the Author:

Manicurist to millionaire Sharmen Lane is a widely recognized four- time author, motivational speaker, life coach and radio host (Now to Wow on 1230am WBLQ). She has been interviewed on Lifetime TV, NPR, New York Daily News, BusinessWeek, and many others. She has written articles for National Magazines and has spoken for several large companies, corporations, high schools, colleges, charities and non-profit organizations throughout the world. As a motivational speaker, she has trained, managed, and coached thousands of individuals on what it takes to get what they want.

She’s an inspirational woman. Let her inspire you!