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Waiting For Jack: Confessions of a Self-Help Junkie; How to Stop Waiting & Start Living Your Life - an interview with Kristen Moeller

Publisher: Morgan James Publishing,

Author’s Website:

Waiting For JackListen in to this inspirational and enlightening interview with Kristen Moeller, author of Waiting for Jack. It will inspire you to get off the proverbial couch and stop waiting for whatever you think must happen before you start living the life you were born to live—fully and completely.

Kristen has written an unconventional yet life-affirming chronicle that is part memoir and part how-to guide that will inspire you to end the eternal search for something outside yourself, stop the endless waiting for answers from others for your stalled life, and finally--to live your best life by falling in love with your own humanity.

Plain and simple: Learn how to stop waiting for all the “jacks” in your life—whatever they are! Listen in to this reformed self-help junkie, and take charge!

KristenMoeller125Kristen has walked her talk. Her personal and powerful life transformation offers real-life instruction in how people caught in a “bottomless quest of self-help” can stop the waiting and hoping for direction from others and move forward to embrace their own life every day in a “fierce disruption of the ordinary.”  Her life was wrought with challenges —just as with most of us.  Hers included years filled with addictions from severe eating disorders, alcohol and drugs. Her life continued to evolve as she earned her master’s degree and resolved her co-dependency as a “self-help junkie.” Kristen now enjoys a very successful career as life coach, speaker and author, among other accomplishments.



“By the end of this book and your personal exploration, you will see where you wait for life to begin…you will learn to stop hiding your magnificence and stop jacking around…you will become, as Kristen proclaims, “a fierce disruption of the ordinary!”

----- Jack Canfield, Co-author, Chicken Soup for the Soul

“Refreshingly vulnerable, witty and wise…this book is a special gift!” 

----- Robin Spizman, New York Times Bestselling author and well known media personality

About the Author

KristenMoeller125Kristen Moeller is a highly respected coach, author, speaker and radio show host who holds a master’s degree in counseling and has more than 20 years experience in the field of personal development.

She is a founder of the non-profit Chick-a-go Foundation, which provides “pay-it-forward” scholarships for transformational educational training programs reaching people who otherwise cannot afford such opportunities.

Ms. Moeller also hosts a weekly Internet radio show, “What Are You Waiting For?” and is a celebrity ambassador to the National Eating Disorder Association. She resides in Colorado with her husband in their eco-friendly solar powered home.