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Featured Interview with your Host Patty Kelley

Vedic Astrology with Haizen Page.  Learn how Vedic Astrology differs from Western—and how it can help you in the coming year and beyond.

Haizen PaigeWebsite:

Listen into Patty’s great conversation with Haizen Page, leading expert on Vedic Astrology. You’ll learn how it works and why he switched from Western Astrology to the Vedic method.  And how many of you understand the uncanny relationship between astrology and music? [Haizen is a world-class musician on the Sax—and flute].

The interview is filled with wisdom, information, “ah ha” insights and direction. Haizen is not just knowledgeable—he is also a very spiritually centered, kind and compassionate man that is dedicated to helping others learn and understand their lives better through his ability to interpret their charts.

More About Haizen:

Haizen now resides in Sedona, AZ—and offers charts and readings via his website, email and phone. All readings receive an immediate mp3 emailed to them when the reading is over.

Haizen is an inspiration to all those who know him. He overcame an early childhood illness to become a musician, newspaper writer and astrologer. He has appeared on the Alan Handleman Show and Uri Geller Show. He hosted a one-hour local talk-show for 2-1/2 years on Geronimo TV in Sedona, 1997-99 (station is no longer in operation); and now appears monthly on Sedona Talk Radio

Haizen was the ghostwriter for the syndicated Joyce Jillson daily astrology column for 10 years - 1984-94. Haizen wrote over 10,000 pages (2-1/3 pages per day)! Now—that’s experience!

Haizen Studied Vedic astrology with VK Choudhry of India, among many others. He also studied extensively with Jeannette Glenn and has a degree in Western astrology. He also has a Bachelor of Natural Theology in Sacred Healing (the completion of the Professional Healer Training) through the Healing Light Center Church Seminary, Roselyn Bruyere.

Additionally, he has a Certificate of Ordination Minister of Healing through the Healing Light Center Church seminar, given by Roselyn Bruyere (internationally known healer).

Haizen can be reached at

Book now and participate in this year with renewed strength and insight pouring into your life!

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Call: 928-284-3696