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Holy As Thou: Bittersweet Tales About Remembering to Love; Interview With Constance Funk

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Constance FunkListen in to Patty’s conversation with horsewoman Constance Funk, author, artist and seminar leader of equine-guided development workshops.

Her books, Beauty From Brokenness: Bits and Pieces of My Journey into Wholeness and Holy as Thou: Bittersweet Tales About Remembering to Love are path markers on her life’s trail. Her amazing connection with horses began at 47 years of age—and through a synchronicity of events and circumstances, she was brought together with Chasta, one incredible teacher wearing the body of a horse. Her life’s path as a teacher and healer via the very sentient nature of horses continues to unfold in ways that serve the human and horse worlds—and their collective consciousness. 

BEAUTYEndorsements from the Book: It can’t be said much better than this!

“A beautiful collection of stories told with warmth and generosity. Connie’s ability to deal with setbacks and her unstinting search for truth and happiness is a lesson to us all. The willingness to admit her weaknesses and failures and to use these as a springboard for personal growth should be particularly instructive to male readers.

The strength, peace and connection that women derive from their relationship with horses is well documented and Connie provides ample evidence here too. My suspicion and indeed my personal experience is that men can derive just as much benefit from their equine partners if they will only allow themselves. When this happens on a large scale,
we could well witness the sea change in human consciousness that so many seek. Thank you, Connie, for showing the way.”

~ Mark Mottershead, Founder – HorseConscious:

The new paradigm in horse human relationships,


“Constance Funk has created a heartwarming, passionate, and honest account of the many ways in which horses impact our lives. Reading Constance’s newest book brings the life lessons learned from horses closer to home! Read and Enjoy!”

-  Leif Hallberg, M.A., Author of Walking the Way of the Horse: Exploring the Power of the Horse-Human Relationship, Founder of The Esperanza Center & Assistant Professor at Carroll College’s Human-Animal Bond Program.

About the Author:

Constance FunkConstance is making the world a better place through her work with horses and children [and adults]—and working with kids and horses together—teaching our next generation compassion, understanding and a respect for our world of animals—through their positive introduction to horses. She also teaches children about recycling, gardening and composting.

She and her husband Gary own Woodylane Farm in rural Washington State where she provides her volunteer mentoring to children. Constance also develops and offers workshops on equine-guided development—as well as Psych-K techniques. She is also an artist and teaches Expressive arts—mosaics being her signature specialty.