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Healing and The Creative Response; Interview With Cay Randall-May, Ph.D

Publisher: Cay May Press; Brooks Goldmann Publishing Co., LLC

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Cay Randall-MayIn this interview you’ll hear ideas and information that will inspire and encourage you—and in some cases, give you hope. Cay Randall-May Ph.D is a dedicated and compassionate educator and healer.

This book addresses the often-misrepresented power of alternative healing practices and modalities to heal. It is a breakthrough book in its explanation of the creative response shared by healers and artists alike-- and that we are all healers and artists.


Healing and the  Creative ResponseMore about the Book: In today’s political firestorm over health care, alternative forms of medicine are often overlooked. “Healing and the Creative Response” by Rev. Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. de-mystifies natural and spiritual healing in a beautifully illustrated book and CD. The author explains in detail Four Key Steps to Healing shared by many approaches including prayer, laying-on-of-hands, Therapeutic Touch, Reiki and Energy Medicine. The steps are: first, set intention; second, relax and clear; third, engage and blend; fourth, attune to the highest, unconditional love. This final level of love Randall-May refers to as Agape.

Randall-May outlines specific, detailed instructions for how to use these Steps in various healing approaches including prayer, both distant and laying-on-of-hands, energy balancing and others. She also describes healing through dreams, visualization, sacred and blessed objects, such as greeting cards, prayer cloths, oil and water.

In addition to reducing the emotional and physical distress of illness and injury, Randall-May asserts that applying the Four Key Steps as explained in the book can enhance self-expression through a process she calls the Creative Response. Examples of a wide range of art are given in the book, including many original pen and ink drawings as well as prints by the author. She describes in detail how she uses the Steps in her healing work.

The author explains how several well-known artists and healers also identify the Four Key Steps in their lives and work. Among those cited in the book are Deborah Koff-Chapin, originator of Touch Drawing, iconographer Lynne Keller, prize-winning Phoenix artist, Henry Sembach; Kris Thoeni and Joseph Woods, creators of sacred gourd masks, talking sticks, and much more; transformational artist, Carol Connor.

As a professional intuitive for more than 30 years, Randall-May knows the value of intuition in both healing and the arts. She documents her own path to discovering the Four Key Steps and describes how intuitives Karen Grace Kassy, Martina Steiger and Jean Marie Youngstrom apply them in their lives and work.

The book is organized into three sections plus a CD.

The book is a valuable resource for everyone who wishes to attain balanced well-being, in everyday life as well as in times of personal stress. If you wish to learn how to heal self and others with detailed instructions on how to use prayer, visualization, dreams, energy balancing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, sacred dance and music, as well as chanting and other sound then this is the book for you.

About the Author

Cay Randall-May, Ph.D. is an internationally renowned spiritual healer, intuitive, educator and artist with more than 30 yrs. experience working with clients throughout the world. She represents healing through prayer and medical intuition on the board of the national Council for Healing, an association of healers practicing a wide variety of modalities. She draws on a combination of techniques in her own work, primarily laying-on-of-hands and distant prayer.


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