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Help Healing Happen, Interview with Janny E. Adkins, Author and RN, BS, HN-BC

Help Healing Happen

Publisher: WoodPecker Press

Insightful and enlightening Interview with leading edge Certified Holistic Nurse, Janny E. Adkins, on her book, Help Healing Happen: A Holistic Guide to Redefining Health, Hope and Healing. This is a book for the times we're in—and for where we’re headed in the way health and healing issues are addressed. For every healer--traditional and alternative; every person dealing with illness or the illness of a loved one--this is a must read.

In Janny’s own words: “There are startling differences between curing and healing. Curing is sometimes possible, but healing is always possible. The basic requirement of healing is simple but not always easy to create in our busy lives. We must recognize and meet our basic spiritual need for connection. You must connect and know, deep in you that you are spiritual. It is an internal connection. You are a spiritual being with human needs. Most of us were taught the opposite is true; human beings with spiritual needs. This is not a play on words, but the truth of who you are. You, as a spiritual being, have spiritual needs, which, if unmet, destine you to feel an inner hollowness or emptiness. It is the continual search for the answer to the question, “Is this all there is?”

In this interview, you’ll be introduced to ideas that offer hope, healing, and practices that break through the limitations of much of what we as human beings have been taught to believe about our abilities to and to “Help Healing Happen” in our own lives and the lives of those we love.

“Healing is always possible and begins with the recognition of your true spiritual nature. When this truth is allowed to permeate our thoughts, feelings, and actions, our body is enlivened. Even with an experience of cancer, there is still the potential for achieving connection. You experience an eternal connection - your true birthright. You say yes to life, absolutely, regardless of the appearance your life

More About The Author

Janny has been have been instrumental in the creation of several innovative integrative health programs. A few are Hospice of Mercy, COMMIT-A National Quit Smoking Trial, Iowa Hospice Organization, Iowa Breast Cancer Action Coalition, The St. Luke’s Clown Connection; a pastoral care ministry, and St. Luke’s Women’s Care. St. Luke’s Women’s Care was recognized nationally as an innovative integrated health center for the midlife woman. She has also managed and promoted Hospice of Mercy and Women’s Care and provided over 500 presentations and workshops locally, nationally, and regionally.

Additionally, she is a writer, columnist and author. She also maintains a private spiritual coaching practice, acts as CEO of Health Education Resources and Services, HERS, a company providing holistic/integrated health information and programming to businesses, corporations, the community, and health organizations.

Janny Adkins, RN, BS, HN-BC is certified as a holistic nurse. She is a natural intuitive and has been certified as a Healing Touch Practitioner, an Usui Reiki Master Teacher and Karuna Reiki© Master Teacher. Janny has dedicated her nursing career to bridging the gap between conventional and complementary health and medicine.

She is well on her way….and the world will benefit.