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Time And Time Again ( My Family and Reincarnation) by Kenneth N. Gould

Time And Time Again

Publisher: Healings of Atlantis [England]

From The Back Cover: 'This is a completely true story, in reality a chronicle of the most incredible and fascinating events which have taken place in the author's life. These are not ordinary events but encounters with the next world, which can only be deemed to be proof of the after life… This book must surely become a classic in the field of the paranormal. For anyone with only a fleeting interest in such matters, to read it is a must. If you think that there is no life after death, then it is time for you to think again'.’

From The Inside Cover:

'The author, in 1979, had found himself drawn, perhaps for the first time in his life, to his father's mother about whom he knew very little save for the fact that she had died in an Asylum.
A ghost who later proved herself to be that of his grandmother, was seen and heard in a churchyard. A few years later, she began to communicate with the author, firstly through a reluctant psychic and then continually, through the well known Medium, Evelyn Payne. This is a story of research, perseverance, the granting of wishes and mediumship of a truly remarkable nature and proves beyond doubt the existence of Spirits able to see and understand the world their bodies had left and able to communicate in a clear and intelligible manner with the minds of those still living. This is the true story by the author of his having been blessed, not only by having had a grandmother who had once been a ghost, but with the opportunity to prove that reincarnation is not just a belief but a reality. This reincarnation, also in the author's own family, is the deserved climax for him and his readers after many years of loving devotion and dedication had led him there'.

About the Author

'Kenneth N Gould spent most of his working life in the Service Industry in London before embarking on a second career as a portrait painter and landscape artist and as a creator of decorative furniture both in England and in Spain. His other accomplishments include song writing and he has had three of his many compositions, of which he wrote the words and the music, accepted by a Publisher for inclusion in a cinema film. His experiences with the paranormal world were gained unexpectedly however and he has spent the last few years of his life researching and writing about these. He now lives in the South of England with his wife, Ann, who has been of immense help to him in his latest venture'.