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Listen to this insightful and moving interview with Dawn James.

Dawn James This former finance executive became a vibrational healer and writer in 2003 following a near death experience – that gave her profound insights into the connectivity between health, consciousness, vibrational frequency and love.

And find out how internationally known psychic Sylvia Browne came to her in a dream to give a message about her book. (And she had never rmet Sylvia prior to their syncronistic meeting 60 days after the book was published!

Raise Your VibrationAs a result of her experience, Dawn James has taught hundreds of people – via workshops and lectures - and her new book Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life. Dawn has taken her purpose and passion on the road, and now teaches a ‘Raise Your Vibration’ workshop across the country!

Not only will you learn some of the laws of vibration but she will share some examples of how you can raise your vibrational frequency emotionally and physically.


“Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life is an important tool for understanding the nature of wellness at all levels of our being, from physiological, to emotional, psychological, and spiritual. Dawn draws upon current science and wisdom with accuracy and efficacy, as well as ancient precepts of understanding the nature of vibration, wellness, and how we can approach life in a more vital and fulfilling manner. For anyone seeking a foundational understanding of the basics of holistic wellness in a concise manner, this is an excellent resource!”--Zacciah Blackburn, PhD, Director of Education, The International Sound Healing network. Director, the Center of Light Institute of Sound healing and Shamanic Studies

“Captivating read! I would use this book as a guide for my own sound work. I applaud Dawn for her courage to bring this very important information to the public.”--David Hickey, Crystal Journey

“Raise Your Vibration, Transform Your Life is a well thought out journey of all the health and healing modalities. A great reference book!” --Bharangi, Ki Awareness Magazine


More About Dawn:

Her parents discovered she was an empathic intuit at age three. Later, as a teenager, she began having precognitive dreams that continued into adulthood. She always felt her life was ‘incomplete’ until 2003- following a near death experience, when she realized her true calling ‘to teach’. Today, Dawn conducts workshops and speaks throughout Canada and the U.S. on matters relating to holistic health, vibration and healing with sound. She is the mother of three young adults and resides in Ontario with her husband.

When asked why she chose to write this book now. She replied “When we understand that all life is vibrating strings of energy—and that we can affect the flow and quality of this energy within us and in our life experiences—then we will understand how important every choice we make in life is to our health, well-being and perception. By raising our vibration, we will begin living in the flow of life—without resistance, without stress and equipped with the knowledge that we can handle any circumstance that comes our way.”

Dawn will be teaching her highly acclaimed ’Raise Your Vibration’ workshop in Sedona Arizona on October 9th 2010 at the Sedona Creative Life Center. This is a full day experiential workshop you will not want to miss!

For workshop description, benefits and to register please go to Publisher: Lotus Moon Press

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