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Meditations of the Holy Cross Cards—With John and Elizabeth Oakes

Meditations of the Holy Cross CardsListen in to this lively and informative interview with John Warren Oakes and Elizabeth Oakes. Their amazing art and writing comes from their great spiritual imagination—and is often quite profound, as you will hear. Learn how John “downloaded” these amazing images of the Holy Cross, and then painted them. All 25 are deeply moving and powerfully energized fine art paintings--completely different than anything this master of fine arts had ever created. The original paintings have been used to create meditation cards that contain the energy of the original art. Elizabeth then “received” the messages that go with each card. The result must be experienced.

These cards are the Meditations of the Holy Cross Cards. You’ve all heard of Angel cards and others that carry messages and energy that are palpable and real. These 25 cards that have been co-created by John and Elizabeth are loaded with spirit energy. I know—I’ve experienced the energy and spirit that they offer those that hold them in their hands.

Solace by Elizabeth OakesElizabeth’s new book, Solace: Readings For Transforming Childhood Trauma, and is for anyone dealing with the residue of childhood abuse of any form.  It’s now available for the Kindle on Amazon. It is different from other books on the subject in that it moves beyond surviving the past and recovering the self to transforming the past and the self. It is also different in that it appeals to the imagination and brings in the spiritual component.

The forty-five readings, which are written in the form of “I,” enable to reader to self-identify, with the six affirmations/visualizations an additional aid. Together, they trace a journey of healing into wholeness.

More on John and Elizabeth

John is a painter with a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of Iowa and an Arts Administration degree from Harvard University. He teaches art at Western Kentucky University and shows his own work internationally.

Elizabeth has a Ph.D from Vanderbilt University. She is a prize-winning poet who taught Shakespeare at Western Kentucky University for twenty-one years.

John and Elizabeth live in both Sedona, Arizona, and in Bowling Green, Kentucky. Ethereal Publications is their business and it was born in Sedona, Arizona, on 26 June, 2010, on the day of a lunar eclipse, as they were sitting on a deck looking at the view.

For more information on John and Elizabeth, the Holy Cross Cards, and books, go to Ethereal Publications:

You may contact them directly at:

Purchase information is available there as well.


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