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Featured Interview with your Host Patty Kelley
& Author Venesa Milek

The Journey Through a Thousand Inspirations by Venesa MilekListen in to this delightful interview with Venesa Milek. Venesa’s passion for life and a true love and caring for all of humanity is richly evident in her words and her energy. Her new book, The Journey Through a Thousand Inspirations was inspired by her own life experiences that weren’t easy or pleasant. Venesa took responsibility for changing her life—and the results are clearly evident in her beautifully inspiring and healing book. Yet—the book is not about her, it’s about living at our best—and clear and simple chapters on how to do just that.

You’ll learn in this interview how you can change things through practice and focus. Things such as Attitude, Getting Motivated, Appreciation and many more are found in the book. We joyfully discuss a few here in the interview.

Venesa Milek is a fresh, new, voice in the self-improvement and spirituality markets. With her recently released book, this breakout author is the real deal! Her motto is, “with love, anything I possible!” How does it get any better than that?

 Please scroll to bottom on Venesa’s contact information and how to purchase her book.

More on Venesa

venesa milek authorVenesa grew up with a strong desire to help others. She continues to volunteer at her local hospital—giving joyful smiles and hugs wherever they are needed. Her volunteer work is to help both patients and visitors have the best experience possible.

Venesa also offers workshops and has organized Meetup groups where she inspires and helps others realize their full potential. Feel free to get in touch with her and ask her your questions.

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